In Loving Memory of Our Departed CRHP Brothers and Sisters:


Jacques Aubertin, Team 14

Dan Brown, Team 1

Arthur Carnes, Team 1

Joe (Leon) Graham, Team 2

Danny Lee, Team 10

Alene Leopard, Team 11

Bill Moore, Team 3

Angie Pintagro, Team 6

Jim Schirmer, Team 2

Ed Sujdak, Team 1

Joe Szarmack, Team 2

Helen Targonski, Team 9

Chuck Tomchey, Team 3

Jim Wilkey, Team 1

Tom Williamson, Team 2

Dan Witkovich, Team 2

We miss you so much!

You may be gone from our sight, but you will always be there in our hearts. You loved and respected each human being and opened your heart to share the love of Jesus with so many of us.

Where you saw a need, you tried to fill it.Where you saw a wrong, you tried to fix it. Where you saw indignity, you tried to right it.Where you saw confusion, you gave us leadership and vision.

Where you saw a search for the truth, you let His light shine so brightly from your eyes and your life.

You will always be an example of uncompromising faith, trust and profound love. We thank God for allowing us this too brief time with you as your family, your friends, your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Never doubt that your family will always be encircled in the community of our love. As the angels lead you to paradise, may you, dear ones, be eternally blessed.

God saw you getting tired, knew your soul yearned to be free

So He put His arms around you, and whispered, Come with Me;

A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest,

It breaks our hearts, but now we know,

He only takes THE BEST.

In Christ's Love,

Libby Conner

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