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weekend.  It's not for the presenting team although we join in prayer for them during the Candlelight.  No, it's not for those in prayer, or the presenters, or the presenting team.  It's for the participants of the weekend.  Candlelight is not witnessing for those who attend the Candlelight.  It is for praying for those who are making the weekend. 

There's a tradition in Candlelight.  It was there at the first one at Marywood, and it still remains with us today.  At the point where the weekend participants join us at the Candlelight, they always find themselves journeying down an aisle.  This walk is symbolic:  it was designed that way.  Candlelight is about a journey … a faith journey for the weekend participants.  The next time you are at Candlelight, listen carefully as the Lay Directors exchange the flame of the candle.  You will hear the words,

After His death and Resurrection, Christ appeared to the two disciples as they journeyed from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  In Luke 24:32, the two disciples asked each other, 'Were not our hearts burning within us while He spoke to us on the way...? 

As you know, shortly after those words are spoken, those who have been in prayer for several hours will follow the participants down the aisle in a gesture of support for their journey.  They will be singing, "Are not our hearts burning within us?  Are not our hearts lighted with fire?" 

There is significance to the journey.  Two disciples on a journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus met a traveler who opened their eyes to the Risen Christ.  You don't have to go to Jerusalem to experience Emmaus.  All you have to do is come to St. Joseph's during a CRHP weekend to see the travelers and experience their journey … a journey with Christ.  That's what Candlelight is about.  It's our community's prayer that those travelers will find Christ walking with them on their faith journey.  It's our hope that their God will open their eyes to the Lord of all journeys whether that journey be the seven miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus traveled by two disciples almost two thousand years ago or a CHRP brother or sister travelling down the aisle of our church.  Candlelight is for travelers on a journey … a journey that began on the road to Emmaus.